Virtual AS-L Service Opportunities



*All impacts for service completed during the Spring 2021 semester must be added by May 13th, 2021.*

This page provides a list of virtual service opportunities. Please be sure to read all of the information in each site's description box thoroughly for detailed and pertinent information. Service must be done during the semester for which it is required.

As a reminder:

  • Many of the virtual opportunities are "open opportunities" and require direct contact in order to schedule a date/time of service. Contact information will be provided in the description box of each event/service page. These sites still require registration on GivePulse after service is scheduled.
  • If you are experiencing a scheduling conflict last minute, please contact the site supervisor directly in order to cancel.
  • When logging an impact for open opportunities and opportunities with schedules, please read the section on Method of Impact Submission on the page for the service you chose in order to obtain information on how to correctly submit your hours. The method of impact submission is different for each service option so please read this section carefully BEFORE completing service so that you know what to expect. You will need to fill out a virtual timesheet for sites that list this requirement and write in the site supervisor's contact information in order to receive credit for your hours. Contact the AS-L office with any questions.
  • Individual Student Service Opportunities must be approved by your professor AND by the office of AS-L prior to completion of service. You can obtain approval from AS-L by registering for service under the "Individual Student Service Opportunity" option listed, at least 7 days before your scheduled service. This option also requires a letter written by the site supervisor of the site at which you chose to volunteer to be submitted with your impact. The letter template can be found under the documents tab on the Academic Service-Learning page. In this instance, the letter would take the place of the virtual timesheet. Service that has not been previously approved will not count for ASL.
  • Project-based service impacts do not require virtual timesheets unless otherwise stated by your professor.
  • Be sure to obtain your professor's approval of your choice for service prior to completion of the hours. Service not pre-approved by both AS-L and your professor cannot be counted as AS-L.
  • DON'T FORGET: You can always go back and make edits to your impacts. Make sure to do so. For instructions on how to do so CLICK HERE.

For additional assistance please contact the AS-L team (, or, schedule an appointment for virtual office hours.

For additional resources/tutorials instructions on how to navigate GivePulse use the links below:

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How to Edit an Impact

Enjoy service!
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