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College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences: Committed to the University’s Vincentian Mission

St. John’s University’s College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences has fully embraced and is strongly committed to addressing unmet community needs through education, practice, and research, especially to the underserved and indigent urban population. The College continues to take pride in and live out the University’s Catholic and Vincentian mission and values.

St. John’s University celebrates a rich tradition that is dedicated to its Catholic, Vincentian, metropolitan, and global mission. The commitment to the Vincentian principle that “one finds God and oneself in service to others” echoes throughout the University and the curricula of the individual programs within each College.  

St. John's College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences' approach to service is as follows. 

  1. We are committed to devoting our intellectual and physical resources to helping underserved populations, including those lacking economic, physical, and social advantages—addressing both human and community needs.
  2. We believe that through service, students develop the skills, knowledge, and capabilities necessary to engage reciprocally with their communities.
  3. We encourage thoughtful reflection, integrated learning, and empowerment of students to work with others to lead, envision, and create change in our community and society in general.
  4. We endorse service initiatives that are transformative, which cultivate a community of learners who embrace diversity and advocate for equity and inclusion. 

The College demonstrates its commitment to serve the needs of our local and global community to advance the Vincentian mission of the University, which centers on a “deep concern for the dignity of every person, especially the poor.”

Through serving those in need, members of the St. John's community demonstrate their active compassion and the cultivation of these priorities and values in our learners.


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