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Campus Ministry welcomes students of all religious traditions, while at the same time encouraging our Catholic students to deepen their Catholic identity and to become active participants. As a community of faith, service, and friends, Campus Ministry takes seriously its unique role in expressing St. John's distinctive Catholic and Vincentian identity as embodied in the University's mission.

St. John's is Vincentian in tradition and because of this, we seek to instill in the University community a deep concern for the rights and dignity of every person, especially the poor and most vulnerable. Many Campus Ministry programs offer a hands-on approach through volunteering one's time, energy, and talent. Others provide a setting where the social and theological reflection helps students understand human suffering on a deeper level.

Campus Ministers are excellent resource people and are always available for any type of counseling, spiritual guidance, supportive service, or referral information. Some live in the residence halls, while others travel with the athletic teams. All seek to be a pastoral, supportive presence with all students on the journey through St. John's that leads to personal, spiritual, and professional growth. Feel free to stop by any Campus Ministry office! 

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