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Code for America’s Tax Benefits volunteers serve as the catalyst to connect taxpayers with low or no income to important tax benefits that can be a tremendous boost to their financial situation.

Our easy-to-use virtual platform, GetYourRefund, provides an accessible option for many taxpayers to get connected to free tax preparation services and access to cash benefits. Our efiling tool, GetCTC, allows filers with low or no income to submit their own simplified tax returns directly to the IRS to receive the Child Tax Credit, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and the third stimulus payment. Our volunteers assist filers in using these online tools, and collect taxpayer data to explore innovative ways to connect underserved populations to important unclaimed tax credits.

While not requiring tax expertise, we are looking for empathetic volunteers looking to do the important economic justice work of expanding anti-poverty measures and helping get flexible cash to those for whom such funds have been allocated.

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