Academic Service-Learning (AS-L)

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 9/6/22 8:14pm
This template is for open opportunities only. This can be used when reaching out to sites to schedule service. Please always be professional when connecting with AS-L community partners.
 10/26/20 2:42pm
Use this template when completing service at a site that is not listed on GivePulse. You will need to submit this letter with your impact with all guidelines fulfilled. Please obtain approval of the chosen site from the AS-L office prior to completing service, and register beforehand.
 7/17/20 1:38pm
 9/20/21 4:44pm
 8/31/23 3:09pm
 8/31/23 3:10pm
 9/7/23 3:06pm
 10/16/23 6:13pm
 10/16/23 6:14pm
 10/16/23 6:14pm